Gopher – FOUND!

When we lost our dog Gopher, we were inconsolable. After a week of searching local shelters, handing out flyers, and social media searches we did not know what else we could do. Thankfully we found Annalisa and Landa with their team of bloodhounds and search dogs. They came and helped us with big signs, pointers on proper posters, and some direction. Their dogs gave us a direction as to Gopher’s last scent and it was completely in a different area than all our flyers. The following weeks were crucial as Annalisa and Landa would check in with us. When we were losing hope they would encourage us and keep us motivated. Local businesses and neighbors knew us since Landa and Annalisa were on foot going to each one to tell them about Gopher. Gopher was found after 23 days and we know we could not have done it without Annalisa and Landa.  The lovely couple who found her told us they saw our giant posters which was posted in the direction that the bloodhounds searched. Thank you Annalisa and Landa, so much for giving us hope, support and advice to bring Gopher home.  To all those with lost pets, don’t give up and believe.

Again, Thank you for everything.”
Carol & Pan & Gopher & Kimi & Senna – FOUND with Search Dogs and Consultation!


Marley – FOUND!

“We found Marley!!!!! Now that Marley is safe, fed, and warm, we feel forever indebted to certain people who came into our lives less than a week ago. Pet Search and Rescue provided us with invaluable advice about how to find Marley, knew more about lost animal behavior that anyone I’ve ever met, and were so kind. They consistently checked in with us, provided advice how to change up the search tactics, and kept us from making mistakes that we surely would have made.”

Rick and Amy – FOUND with Animal Behavior Search Consultation!


 Ozzie – FOUND!

Ozzie was FOUND with Animal Behavior Search Consultation! NO LEADS for FIVE DAYS! Ozzie was home the next morning! “The family that rescued Ozzie fed him, bathed him and even put him in a little Christmas sweater. The best Christmas gift ever was when I got the phone call he had been found. Thank you so much…it was your phone consultation advice about animal behavior that got him home. I had not even considered some of the techniques that you had recommended!”

Dawn – FOUND with Animal Behavior Search Consultation!


Mochi – FOUND!

“After your consultation about animal behavior, we regrouped and took your advice to heart.  On our FIRST SEARCH OUT at 11:00 p.m. tonight (pursuant to your instructions), WE FOUND HER trotting down the sidewalk about 200 yards around the corner. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!”

Marta and Robert – FOUND with Animal Behavior Search Consultation!

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